GPLFlashCards is flashcard like application that sits in the Windows system tray and periodically asks you a question from one or more customizable lists. Great to prepare for quizzes, tests, exams, or just to use as a learning and memory tool.


  • You can set the amount of time between each question 
  • Questions are asked in a random order and none are repeated any until they all have been asked.
  • Small and unobtrusive.  It quietly sleeps in your system tray and take almost no CPU cycles during most of its operation.
  • Questions are stored in plain text files with a specific format.  That makes it easy to add your own list of questions.

History and Future

This VB6 application was written for my own use to memorize astronomy facts.  I decided that others might benefit by it and decided to release it as open source under the GPL license.  I do not plan on growing this application further.  I may make updated versions available periodically to include bugfixes and any user supplied features.


There are several ways to help this project:


As mentioned above, I do not plan on growing this project further.  However, if you know VB6 and want to add features or even trake over the project permanently, then feel free to contact me: (arrowood at

User Supplied Questions

If you have a list of questions that you wrote for this application and think others would be interested in them, send them to me (arrowood at and I will include them on the project download page.  Look at the questions provided in the questions folder in the appilcation directory to see the format.  It's pretty easy...

Monatary Donations

This software is free and no payment is required for its use.  However, donations go a long way to offset the time put into a quality peice of software. If you enjoy this software and wish to donate, please be aware that a portion will go towards charity (see below.) The rest I will spend on myself, probably on programming books or software.  Your munificence and support is appreciated!

Donate to this project Donate to GPLFlashCards

The following charities will receive a percent of your donation:
10% - Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) 
10% -

Postcard or Email Encouragement

If a donation isn't your style and you enjoy this software, send me a postcard from your part of the world, whether it's Kansas, Europe, China, or where ever. The encouragement will go a long way! ;-)

Chris Arrowood
2295 Golden Valley Dr
Lawrenceville GA 30043 USA

or email me (arrowood at

Downloads and Source Code

Windows Installer with Source Code

You can download the latest version of GPLFlashCards from the project page .

Source Code

Source code can be viewed online or pulled directly from the SVN repository here:

RSS feeds of changes can also be found on the websvn  website.


(c) 2004 Chris Arrowood (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 2, June 1991) You may view the full copyright text at:


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